I'm not always good with words because I'm so awkward so I let my music do the talking. No, I don't sing or play an instrument, but my music is my life.That may have been a lie, but music still is my life.

I may think sarcasm and wit are a necessity
What time is it now in Sweden
Study life - digestive system & #MagicSchoolBus #PizzaPockets #Tea #Apples
That’s a sandwich #Nutella #Peanutbutter #Drool

Keep Me Warm auf We Heart It.

please reblog or like if you would be interested in buying a bow like this for $3.50 instead of $10 ^.^
I’m thinking of starting a little etsy store since I know how to make these and a few other cute things, but need to know if people are interested!
also, if you have any ideas for what kind of fabric/colors you would defiantly want, message me(:
Perfection is #LanaDelRey #Ride

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